VLC Media Player

VLC media player is a free and open-source portable cross-platform media player software and streaming media server developed by the VideoLAN project. VLC is available for desktop operating systems and mobile platforms, such as Android, iOS, iPadOS, Tizen, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone.

Is VLC media player safe?

-In general, the open source VLC media player program is safe to run on your system; however, certain malicious media files may try to use bugs in the program to take control of your computer.

How do I download VLC media player?

-Download VLC Media Player for Windows

  1. Download . EXE Installer that supports both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. Give the administration permission to run the player on your Windows.
  4. Click on “Install”.
  5. Follow the instructions displayed on screen.
  6. Click on Finish.

Download official VLC media player for Windows

Can VLC play MKV files?

–The VLC media player can recognize and play almost any video format, including MKV. Better yet, it can also convert them to something more universal, like MP4. Here’s how

Is VLC for Windows 10 Free?

-All versions of VLC Player, including for Windows 10, are open source. This means they are free to download and use with no restriction. Open source also means that the source code which makes the app is freely available to download and modify. In this manner, the app is kept updated.

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