Telegram, Now Emerging As Dark Web


Telegram is a freeware, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging software. The service also provides end-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing, and several other features. It was launched for iOS on 14 August 2013 and Android in October 2013. Telegram is a German company, started by two Russian brothers.

What People Say About Telegram

Why Telegram is banned?

  • Last year, Russia lifted a ban on Telegram that was imposed for more than two years after Durov refused to hand over encryption keys that authorities said were needed to fight terrorism.

Can police track telegram?

  • The information shared in Telegram is encrypted and only accessible to people in the chat. There is even a feature to completely delete messages after a certain time. That makes it harder for law enforcement to track down illegal activity and the people behind it

Is Telegram app banned in India?

  • Telegram is not banned in India, but it is illegal. In India, significantly with the younger internet users, teens, and those who watch on mobile phones, Telegram has been replaced with torrenting when it comes to pirating movies and shows.

Advantage of Telegram

Through Telegram, User can share photos, videos, audio as part of their messages, it is a highly authentic messaging app and you will not lose a large amount of data until you upload or download bigger files, chatting requires only bytes of data, and personalization of telegram is very nice provides by backgrounds and sounds.

It has no ads, and it is completely free, there is no usage cost company asking after a certain period, It was convenient and faster than other communication methods at one time, it stores the data on the cloud, It has unlimited cloud storage, You will never lose the data that you shared, and you can access the same from more than one device.

Telegram allows heavy files to be transferred on their platform, This makes Telegram a good place for file sharing, You have a higher chance of meeting new people with Telegram due to the group chats.

Disadvantage Of Telegram

let’s know about some disadvantages of Telegram.

There is no facility to download multiple files at once, no facility for Voice messages, Their user database is less than, you cannot find out about the status of the contact list is based on phone numbers & it requires contact permissions on mobile devices, Telegram for PC version either has not been fully developed yet, or its development has stopped, as there are no secret chats in it, This feature is available exclusively on mobile devices, When you upload a new profile picture, the old one stays there as well, so, you have to delete it manually.

How And Why Telegram Is using By Cybercriminals To share Illegally Obtained Private Data

An examination by network safety analysts into the informing stage has uncovered that private information of millions of individuals are being shared transparently on gatherings and stations that have a huge number of members Another examination directed by NortonLifeLock has discovered proof of a “flourishing unlawful commercial center” on Telegram where everything from Covid-19 immunizations, individual information, pilfered programming to counterfeit IDs are available to be purchased. Customarily, information dumps like these are typically traded over the dull web. Moving these trades to Telegram enjoys its benefits including “securing the protection of its individuals”. Likewise, Telegram has a lower hindrance for section when contrasted with the dim web and this informing stage is additionally safe to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) assaults, web takedowns that can compromise how cybercriminals work on the typical web.

Cybercriminals are utilizing messages as the best information moving stage for all unlawful reasons. As per reports, specialists from VPNMentor have discovered that cybercriminals are utilizing Telegram to “share and talk about” monstrous information releases that can uncover “a large number of individuals to uncommon degrees of online misrepresentation, hacking, and assault”. The exploration done by vpnMentor had their group joining a few cybercrime-zeroed in gatherings and stations on Telegram to witness these “unlawful trades” between agitators and themselves direct. As anyone might expect, they discovered programmers “straightforwardly posting information dumps on channels” some of which have more than 10,000 individuals. These “corrupt clients” likewise don’t avoid talking about how these information dumps can be abused.

How are Hackers using Telegram?

Hackers post data dumps with brief explanations about what people can find inside.

Howerver, The most data leaks and hacks are sharing on Telegram after being sold on the dark web – or the programmer neglected to discover a purchaser and chose to share the data freely and proceed onward. many were as recent as a few days.

Hackers have also used Telegram as part of cyber attacks and blackmail schemes. After hackers stole a database from Israeli company Shirbit, they created a Telegram group and started sharing sensitive information as a form of extortion against the company.

What VPNMentor Say About Telegram ?

Why Post Leaks on Telegram?

Traditionally, hackers have relied on the dark web or other anonymous forums to share, discuss, and sell information about data leaks and successful hacks.

However, Telegram offers numerous advantages.

The app claims to be incredibly focused on guaranteeing privacy for its users. The only thing you need to join is a mobile phone number, which is supposedly hidden from all other users, but visible to Telegram and SMS verification. In theory, law enforcement could request the phone number of a Telegram user, or hackers could break in and steal it.

Creating Telegram channels and groups also saves criminals from registering with a web host or domain service, shielding them from attacks like DDoS, and reduces the need to protect their operations from online scanners and security tools.


Telegram also offers a much lower barrier to entry, both for people distributing data and those hoping to receive it. Telegram is considerably more accessible than the dark web, which requires specific technical know-how to access and navigate, and more robust safety and privacy measures. Hackers can reach a much wider audience and share information a lot quicker on an app installed on a device or computer.

Throughout our research, we witnessed members of these groups downloading zip files of data dumps and then asking how to open them, or what tools they needed to use them. This shows that even people with incredibly low computer literacy (and probably not on the dark web) are gaining access to incredibly sensitive data belonging to millions of people.

Most likely, they’re also not storing this data in any secure fashion, creating another set of issues and concerns.

Telegram also offers malicious hackers and cybercriminals considerable scope for automating their activities. Telegram bots allow developers to run third-party apps on the platform. Usually, companies use the technology for advertising and marketing campaigns. Hackers can use the bots to run their operations while remaining in the shadows and spread their influence more easily across chats and groups.

Finally, Telegram has proven incredibly slow at tackling how much illegal and dangerous activity takes place on the app. Hackers know they can most likely remain anonymous and shielded from surveillance or basic accountability.

What Is Telegram doing to Combat These Groups?

Telegram has taken limited steps to shut these groups down, but some are operating for months before any action is taken. In that time, they can openly share private data from millions of people.

Some group admins also create a ‘backup’ group, ready to accept new members and pinned to the top of the group. This way, members know to join the ‘backup’ group if the primary one is shut down. Thus, they can continue on the backup as if nothing happened.

In contrast, It has shown much greater enthusiasm in shutting down problematic groups in other areas, such as piracy. The company consistently closes any groups or channels sharing copyrighted material amongst users.

Thus, it appears that when they feel liable for legal action due to activity on the app, Telegram’s owners are happy to step in – and they keep a close eye on activity happening on the app.

Telegram is Not as Private as it Claims

Despite its growing popularity as a privacy-focused communications app, most of Telegram’s claims for high privacy standards are misleading.

Telegram is incredibly secretive and operates with zero transparency. Two Russian brothers started the company, spent years moving around in different cities, before settling in Dubai. The company doesn’t officially disclose where its team members or offices are based.

Their encryption is ‘homemade’ by the founders, and it’s been widely criticized by experts. The company claims to be open-source, which is an exaggeration at best. The most crucial part of its system – the servers – remain a closed black-box.


And finally, Telegram doesn’t disclose what data it collects from users, how it’s used, or who they share it with. Their promised “transparency report” remains empty to this day despite numerous data requests from various governments.

These are just some of the many red flags surrounding the company.

For both criminal and ethical hackers, the illusion of pseudo-anonymity It could backfire incredibly if the company ever decided to exploit its access to their data, identity, and activity. Or if there was another data breach on the app itself. This already happened once, in 2020, when millions of It users were exposed.

Examples of What Our Team Saw on Telegram

The following are a sample of the biggest and most concerning data dumps our team viewed as members of the Telegram groups in the last six months.

Disclaimer: we didn’t discover these data breaches. They are currently being shared online across It and, potentially, other platforms. Anyone who thinks they could be affected should be extra careful and vigilant for potential threats, such as account takeovers, phishing scams, identity theft, viral attack, and fraud.

If you’re concerned about these data breaches, change your login credentials for any accounts online, learn how to spot phishing emails, and take some steps to improve your online privacy.

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