Storage Media For Backup and their advantage

1.            Assume you’re the pc System Engineer and accountable to consult your project manager concerning getting ready the optimum information storage for the IT project. storage media and their description.

a)            List 3 (3) sorts of storage media for backup and their advantage over the opposite media.

The types of storage media in the main used for backup are:

  • Disc
  • RAID
  • SSD
  • Magnetic Tape
  • Optical memory

Magnetic disk

The disk could be a circular platter created of nonmagnetic material, known as the substrate, coated with magnetic material. Historically, the substrate has been Associate in Nursing Al or Al alloy material

Advantage of magnetic Orcus area unit mention below,

  • Improvement within the uniformity of the magnetic film surface to extend disk dependableness.
  • A vital reduction in overall surface defects to assist cut back read-write errors.
  • Ability to support lower fly heights (described subsequently).
  • Better stiffness to scale back disk dynamics.
  • Greater ability to resist shock and harm.


Different trade has united on an even theme for multiple- disk info style, called RAID (Redundant Array of freelance Disks The RAID theme consists of seven levels, zero through six These levels don’t imply a gradable relationship however styleate completely different design architectures that share 3 common characteristics:

1. RAID could be a set of physical disk drives viewed by the package as one logical drive.

2. Information area unit distributed across the physical drives of Associate in Nursing array in an exceeding theme called marking, delineated later.

3. Redundant disk capability is employed to store parity data that guarantees information recoverability just in case of a disk failure.

  • Some advantages of RAID are:
  • firstly, Very high scan and write information transfer rate.
  • Disk failure has Associate in Nursing insignificant impact on output
  • Low magnitude relation of code (parity) disks to information disks means that high potency
  •  Provides for a very high information fault tolerance and might sustain multiple coinciding drive failures


An SSD could be a device created with solid-state elements which will be used as a replacement to a tough disc drive. The SSDs currently on the market and drawing near line use NAND non-volatile storage, as the price of flash- primarily based SSDs have been born and also the performance and bit density inflated, SSDs became more and more competitive with HDDs.

                SSDs have the subsequent benefits

High-performance input/output operations per second (IOPS): considerably will increase performance I/O subsystems.

  • Durability: Less prone to physical shock and vibration.
  • Longer lifespan: SSDs aren’t prone to mechanical wear.
  • Lower power consumption: SSDs use significantly less power than comparable-size HDDs.
  • Quieter and cooler running capabilities: Less area needed, lower energy prices, and a greener enterprise.
  • Lower access times Associate in Nursingd latency rates: Over ten times quicker than the spinning disks in an


b) Describe the business state of affairs appropriate for every of the media storage you listed at (a).

There is a unit numerous kinds of storage media far-famed in the market in line with their options. Here is that the details of some media with their business state of affairs

i.Magnetic Disk

Magnetic disk is known as a disk, in the main user, for example, storing information, video, and audio in little business company. Audio and video companies use the disc. however, It’s some options like information is kept in each ordered and direct accessing, High speed of access and no sorting information some advantages of disc area unit

  • Mountable/ unmountable storage units.
  • Low price per little bit of storage.
  • Long media life.
  • High information stability.
ii. RAID

Different types of enterprises and Business companies use RAID to store information is RAID level provides higher performance than mirroring additionally as fault tolerance some edges of the RAID area unit provide very high information convenience. Recovery from a failure is straightforward Once a drive fails, the info should still be accessed from the second drive.

given the high dependableness of individual disks and disk drives.

Low magnitude relation of code (parity) disks to information, disks means that high potency

iii. SSD

A solid-state drive is a solid-state device, which is compared with mechanical device drives It is accustomed to store a great deal of information Play trade to native notebook computer area unit mistreatment SSD owing to its vital options. A number of them area units are listed below:

  • Portable, lightweight body, and high-speed performance capability.
  • It consumes low electricity and less spin.
  • Low noise and very low scan latency.

c) To reduce information loss, you furthermore may need to recommend RAID implementation.

i) Make a case for what’s RAID.

Redundant Array of freelance Disks (RAID) could be a technology that allows larger levels of performance, dependableness, and/or giant volumes once handling information. The RAID theme consists of seven levels, zero through six.

ii) Albeit it’s recommendable, RAID remains not decent for your business, Justify this statement.

RAID isn’t decent for business as a result of RAID has some demerits like

  • Very high magnitude relation of code disks to information disks with smaller word sizes— inefficient
  • Entry level price terribly high— needs terribly high transfer rate demand to justify
  • Controller style is fairly complicate.
  • Worst write dealing rate and Write mixture transfer rate
  • More complicated controller style
  • Controller overhead to reckon parity addresses is very high

d) Another fashionable several of native backup could be a cloud backup. Make a case for the advantage of subscribing to this selection for your business.

There is Associate in Nursing {increasingly|progressively|more Associate in Nursingd more} outstanding trend in several organizations to maneuver a considerable portion or perhaps all data technology (IT) operations to an Internet-connected infrastructure called enterprise cloud computing after that at constant times, individual users of PCs and mobile devices area unit relying a lot of and a lot of on cloud computing services to backup information, synch devices, and share, mistreatment personal cloud computing.

Basically, with cloud computing, you get economies of scale, skilled network management, and skilled security management, These options are engaging to the company’s giant and little, government agencies, and individual computer and mobile users. The individual or company solely has to get hold of the storage

 Some advantages of the cloud computing area unit are below:

  • If you utilize cloud {computing system|computer system|automatic information processing system|ADP system|ADPS|system} then you don’t have to be compelled to get the additional device for data assortment therefore it positively cut back the value of any business.
  • Another advantage of cloud computing is that’s a powerful security system.
  • we will access the info from anyplace through the net
  • It cannot be torment by natural disasters or hardware failure.

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