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Adobe Page maker was a widely popular desktop publishing application that allowed users to design content for the purpose of printing it. Some examples of this content include reports, posters, and flyers.

Official Release Date

It was originally released way back on July 9th, 2001. The designers of this software originally thought that business professionals and small business owners would get the most use out of it.

Disadvantages of the app

Adobe Pagemaker is highly outdated, which is one major disadvantage. The other disadvantage is trying to learn how to use a piece of software that is almost 20 years old. If you’re accustomed to using modern software, then Pagemaker 7.0 will be uncomfortable to learn and to use. Also, your computer operating system is probably too new to run the software. For instance, Adobe Pagemaker has a Macintosh version which only supports Mac OS 9 and all previous versions of it. Max OS X does not support it. If you’re using the Windows version of Page maker,Easy page design then you cannot have any Windows version on your computer that is newer than Windows XP. So, if you have Windows Vista or higher, then you cannot install or use the software.

System requirements
· Operating system Microsoft windows 98,xp,7,8.1,10
· RAM 32MB installed memory
Install win rar to extract the file
· Processor intel Pentium
· File size 122MB


The updated It has a lot of familiar features, but also some enhancements. You can tag PDF files so that your text and graphics can be displayed on your Mac computer, personal computer, or PDA. In addition, the functions of Adobe Distiller are accessible, along with Page maker security features.

If you are searching for a great desktop publishing program, you can’t go wrong with this software. It does a wonderful job.

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