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Nepali Fonts are the second choice when it comes to typing in Nepali or Devanagari. Since, Nepali Unicode began gaining popularity; fonts are no longer used by most Nepali fonts websites. There are only a handful of Nepali sites probably, that depend upon Download Nepali Fonts. The rest have switched to Unicode for universal reach.

But still Nepali fonts have not lost their usefulness. They are still used for offline typing and publishing in software like Word. It is true that one has to learn typing in Nepali keyboard layout for using Nepali fonts, but those people who already have this skill find it more comfortable than using Unicode. These Nepali fonts also offer some style when compared to Unicode.

You can download several true type Devanagari fonts for free, which I have collected from various sources. You can learn about Nepali Unicode font as well. Please be aware that many of them are same fonts with different names. Click on the font(s) you prefer, or you can download “all-in-one” file which has varieties of fonts. (Recommended)


Preeti is like the Times New Roman of Nepali Fonts. It is the first choice that comes in mind when we talk about Nepali fonts. This font is simple, elegant and extremely popular.People who need to type in Nepali using fonts can live with just this font.

Some Popular Fonts


Kantipur is like the second popular Nepali font that I know of. This font is extremely similar to Preeti and is simple and quite popular as well.

Fontasy Himali TT

This is another good looking font that has been able to maintain simplicity in terms of its looks.
This is a Nepali font with a bit of weight and You can use this font when you want to have to type Nepali text in Bold.
Kanchan is another Nepali font that is simple. This font is thinner in size when compared to Preeti or Kantipur.

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