Alibaba’s Apsara Cloud Operating System

1.Introduction to Alibaba

Alibaba is the world’s biggest and rapidly growing Chinese E-commerce Company. Taobo, Tmall, and are the main sites of Alibaba with millions of users & hosts, millions of merchants and businesses all over the world controlling from “Taobao City”, the main corporate campus of Alibaba Group at Xixi, Hangzhou.. the founder of Alibaba is JACK MA.

2. Introduction to Cloud Computing System

Firstly, Cloud Operating system is OS that designed to operate virtual and computing environment. in cloud computing system software and hardware require to ran it as server. A cloud operating system manages the operation, execution, and processes of virtual machines, virtual servers, and virtual infrastructure, as well as the back-end hardware and software.

Microsoft Windows, OWN Cloud, Google Chrome, Azure, etc. are some cloud computing system which is famous all over the world.

3. How cloud computing system works ?

Let, me clear from the example, Here we have the computer ‘X’ when cloud computing system developed in user X then it will manage all the processes, total system workflow, and other instruction as a server.

Suddenly, power cutoff in computer X then we can operate all the system from ‘Y’ which pre-installed on computer ‘X’ through an internet browser.

4. Apsara Operating System

Apsara is Alibaba’s cloud operating system, Dr. wang Jian is the founder of Alibaba Cloud. Dr. Wang Jian has set up an enormous scope distribute computing working framework that is autonomously evolved inside China. He needed a framework that can group a huge number of PCs and behave like a super PC to execute a very amazingly registering execution This framework is the thing that was later known as Apsara.

The global chip market has mostly been domin by Intel’s x86 in personal computing and Arm for mobile devices.”Cloud software will normalize the computing power of server chips, special-purpose chips and different hardware, therefore whether or not the chip is predicated on x86, Arm, RISC-V or a hardware accelerator, the cloud computing offerings for patrons are standardized and of high-quality,” JianFeng another.

some argue that Chinese companies moving towards alternatives like RISC-V means more polarization of technology and standards, which is not ideal for global collaboration unless RISC-V becomes widely adopted in the rest of the world.

5. Why Apsara cloud operating system?

5.1. Problem

It is mind-boggling to incorporate the information-sharing foundation of the server farm with items Besides, the stage has a restricted capacity limit and isn’t versatile, GACC has restricted huge information applications, and advancement bottlenecks require the requirement for enormous information arrangements that permit gathered information to “work” autonomously.

5.2. Solution

An Apsara Stack-based massive information answer capable of process PB-level information, particularly unstructured information, was created for GACC, With 736 servers supporting the cloud services, the platform is capable of storing and computing 750 TB of structured information, and four lead unstructured information.
A multi-application platform that consists of MaxCompute, AnalyticDB, OTS, and BASE was engineered for GACC that has offline processing, mining, and analysis capabilities on the other hand The GACC massive information Platform is provided with extremely economical computing and intelligent modeling capabilities and performs machine-driven pre-check of customs claims. It helps establish and stop importation tries, tariff and duty administration, and enterprise credit assessment.

5.3. Benefits

However, The centralized cloud system analyzes knowledge, identifies risks, and helps stop importing tries, which Improves the agencies’ ability to realize insight from the huge amounts of knowledge collect .A multi-application platform that consists of MaxCompute, AnalyticDB, OTS, and BASE was design for GACC that has offline processing, mining, and analysis capabilities.
Near-instantaneous fuzzy search response times on many immeasurable records.
Complete digital transformation of a customs agency in Shanghai (pilot), achieving a quintuple increase in contraband seizure rate.

6. Overview of Apsara Stack


Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack is a full-stack cloud solution design for enterprise–level customers that require a highly capable and flexible hybrid cloud solution during Apsara Stack uses the proprietary Apsara Distribut Operating System develop in-house at Alibaba Cloud, which offers a highly reliable cloud environment to ensure your business continuity.

6.1. Hyper-scale

Apsara Stack supports hyper-scale clusters that have quite ten,000 servers in every region, meeting the need of operational massive business systems to clarify applications to support massive numbers of users, With Apsara Stack, you’ll with efficiency operate and manage resources, applications, and knowledge through its unified management portal with multi-tenancy support.

6.2. Comprehensive

Apsara Stack includes a wide range of cloud services, including several computing and networking services, as well as data analysis and security solutions based on the same technologies that support Alibaba Cloud, Apsara Stack can be deploy in a hybrid or private cloud environment.

6.3. Intelligent

Apsara Stack provides AI platforms and state-of-the-art machine learning frameworks and supports elastic GPU compute services, making Apsara Stack an ideal candidate for the development of smart applications, Apsara Stack also provides a full suite of data mining, analysis and data visualization tools so that sensitive data can generate business value without leaving your data center.

6.4. Reliable

 To clarify, Apsara Stack employs a multi-layered security architecture that uses disaster recovery mechanisms developed in-house at Alibaba that ensure the high availability of your services and compliance with international information safety standards.

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